Cardiac Care, Cardiology: Dr Alex Vidal

Cardiac Care, Cardiology: Dr Alex Vidal

Dr. Alex Vidal has been serving the Queens , Long Island area for more than 10 years . He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC).

His expertise includes: Angina, Stress Testing, Stress echo, Echo-cardiogram, and Nuclear cardiology Studies. He is affiliated to many regional hospitals.

Dr. Vial specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of heart and circulation conditions. He is the Cardiologist Consultant at Cross county Medical Care. If you are an established patient of our practice, the cardiologist will have access to you complete medical history at the time of your consultation.

If you are an out patient, we will want an exact list of your medications and the frequency that they are taken, as well as any history of allergies. Please feel free to bring in a list of your medications, or bring the medicine containers themselves. Relevant information, especially test results from other doctors should be sent to our office for review.

The cardiovascular consultation is one of the most important parts of your visit. At its completion, Dr. Vidal will have a practical impression about the nature of the problem and what additional testing will likely be required to further clarify the diagnosis.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr Vidal: 718.354.8300