Podiatry/Foot Care: Dr Sabine Larosiliere, DPM


Dr Sabine Larosiliere, DPM is a specialist who provides medical diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems, such as bunions, heel pain, spurs, hammertoes, neuromas, ingrown toenails, warts, corns and calluses. Dr Larosiliere also renders care of sprains, fractures,podiat56 infections, and injuries of the foot, ankle and heel . Dr Larosiliere is the Podiatrist consultant at Cross County Medical Care. If you need any foot care, call our office today to schedule an appointment

Your Podiatrist At Cross County Medical Care
Because your feet are your base of support, quality foot care is extremely important. Your feet affect your sense of well-being, and foot pain can limit your normal daily activities.

Dr. Larosiliere has experience treating a wide range of foot conditions - from minor problems such as corns to complex conditions involving foot reconstruction. Whether the problem is plantar fasciitis, a toenail fungus, or a bunion, Dr. Larosiliere will provide you with an expert diagnosis and quality treatment. She will assist you with any of the following conditions:

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